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Ticket to Travel

WelcomeWelcome to the website of Red Ticket Productions, a company that was created for the "Stars' of the travel industry, the home-based independent travel agent.

Here you will find the resources to learn the skills that will help you develop a new or existing home-based travel business into a lucrative source of income.

Step into the studio at Red Ticket Productions and take a tour of available books, seminars and creative marketing products that will help launch your career as a "Star". Read the reviews and tips from the pros. Read all about the association, OSSN, that will assist you wth the training you need and stop by and meet the studio's Executive Producer, Anita Pagliasso.

Within this site are all the necessary tools to guide you to being profitable and successful in the exciting world of travel sales. Learn about career opportunities by joining the "Ticket To Travel Team".